Touchdown and liftoff


It’s been a while since I updated this blog, but lots has happened in the meantime. I taught Monster School and expect to be teaching it again this fall, once my dates are confirmed. I had a full house and the girls had a blast. For some reason, they were all girls! We’ll see who shows up for the next ones.

There were some roadblocks in the way earlier this year, There was a health issue that seems to have been completely resolved but was pretty energy-sapping, and a flood in my apartment. Getting that cleaned up and fixed up took a goodly amount of the little energy I had to spare, but fortunately the damage was minimal.

I’m feeling much better now, thank you. I’m looking forward to a great autumn. Bring on leather weather, chai lattes and pumpkin muffins!

Now that I’m all fired up and rolling, expect new things coming soon. My new website just needs a few more photos and some proofreading and link-checking and it will be ready to go. Monster School has spawned a few things which you’ll be able to see once the website’s live. I’ve been doing a lot of drawing and you’ll also see the results of that flurry of activity.

In short, I’ve been busy and it’s really exciting! Stay tuned.


Author: Alison Reid

I believe in gay abandon, I believe in wild delight. I'm based in Toronto, Ontario.

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