Fall back

I’m just going to have to pace myself


There are only two days left of summer this year, which seems like a fine time to think about the autumn to come. It’s been a hot and sticky summer, and I’ve spent a certain amount of it lurking in shady places, waiting for it to cool down to a more comfortable level.

That level is approaching now. The only problem is that now I have so much I want to do, I’m just going to have to pace myself. This seems like a good place to share some of the goings-on.

A fresh and updated A.M. Reid website is in the works and should be ready soon, with lots of tweaks and content updates. Madgleam Illumination  is about due for some new additions, since darker days need brighter lights.

I’ve been stocking up on tools for myself and for workshops, and I’m looking forward to continuing to create, experiment and teach.

The next workshop I’ll be teaching is Monster School, teaching kids from 5 on up to draw monsters, in good time for Hallowe’en. Here’s a taste:

Monster lineup
Monsters! Drawn with pencil, fine black graphic pen and Prismacolor pencils.

Author: Alison Reid

I believe in gay abandon, I believe in wild delight. I'm based in Toronto, Ontario.

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